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Anhui Tongyu Electronic Co., Ltd. is founded in 1997, with registered capital reaching 10 million Yuan. Its predecessor as Hefei Tongyu Electronic Co., Ltd. was established under the approval of Hefei Administration for Industry & Commerce with registered capital amounting to 500 thousand Yuan. Hefei city is selected as the primary location and glorious journey departs with the Company’s farsighted view and the aim at developing itself into a modern international high-tech enterprise. The Company is now located in the No. 767 of Yulan Street of the Hefei High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Anhui Province. The Company possesses modern office environment, advanced production facilities and a group of high-quality technical personnel and management personnel team. Furthermore, the Company passed third-part certification of the ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System in 2008 and obtained the certificate of registration. To satisfy the requirements of the Quality Management System, the Company formulated a series of relative documents. On account of that, a set of complete management system formed and it has functioned continuously and effectively all along.

Since the Company’s establishment, all staff adhere to the operating philosophy of “Indigenous Innovation, Energizing Enterprise by Science and Technology, Integrity Management and Credit Principal”. Based on the industry of auto body electronic control system, the Company researches and develops technology independently, launches the industrial-academic-research cooperation together with Hefei University of Technology, and synchronizes with the development of new car models with auto manufactures. Under those efforts, the Company has mastered the world-leading technology management and control system and has grown rapidly with full impetus. Besides, it has taken bold steps into an industrial path featuring self-characteristics and has laid a leading position in the field of auto electronic control system.  

Till good is better, but better best. With the increase of customers’ demands, Tongyu Company will keep pace with that and never stop pursuing further progress in technology innovation.  Tongyu Electronic, since its foundation, bases itself upon the market, keeps pace with automobile manufacturers' demands and adheres to keeping its leading position through scientific and technological innovation. The Company bases itself upon domestic market and involves vividly in the international one, which manifests Tongyu takes goals for more share of international market and is full of ambition and confidence. Foreign auto industry has centuries of history, while the domestic industry launches not that long. Therefore, to surpass foreign industry and break foreign monopoly of core components, we, all the automobile parts enterprises, need to spare no efforts with unremitting endeavor.

With the history of about 18 years, the Company has succeeded in millions of different car models application and has cultivated abundant experience. The main products cover auto body control module (BCM), telecontroller, engine immobilizer system, wiper control module, rearview mirror control module, chair control module and switch and many other types. Most of the Tongyu Electronic products have replaced imported ones successfully.

Tongyu Electronic keeps friendly relationship with customers and fully considers itself on the ground of the customers. A firm commitment is made to create more value for customers by providing first-class products and services, sharing the latest information and resources, and creating mutual benefit for customers. Having years of development and accumulation, the Company has also had sound cooperation with many renowned domestic manufacturers of complete vehicle such as China FAW Group Corporation, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Jianghuai Automobile Corp (JAC), Brilliance Auto Group and Jiangling Motors Corp. The company is equally friendly with international automotive component manufacturers like Lear Corporation Limited at the Shanghai Branch and Changchun Faway & Johnson Automobile Components Corp.

Especially, Tongyu Electronic’s BCM products enjoy multifunction such as windshield wiper & washer control, variable-speed intermittent wiper control, auto rear window defroster time control, lighting control of ignition key and dome light for driver, automatic extinction control of auxiliary lamps, rear fog lamps control and starting and braking control of warning and others. Moreover, the Company’s series of products have been broadly applied in as many coachworks as JAC’s Wyatt, Wyatt A30, Refine, Refine S3, Xingrui, Eagle, and Gallop, so have been in Dongfeng Motor Corp.’s Aeolus A30, S30, H30 and AX7.

The Company totally standardizes its product design in line with the mainstream standards in the world. It has passed the international SAE standard of ISO 7637-2, VW standard of VW80101, DNFGY standards of EQC-1204-2007 and EQC-1205-2004 and EQC-1206-2007 and the like. And the Company tests samples through rigorous environmental test, electrical performance test, EMC test and mechanical property test. Through those efforts to satisfy main product standards and pass various tests, the Company guarantees the design quality of every delivery product and meets customers’ various demands vividly.

The Company not only features leading technology R & D strength, strict product testing system and excellent processing technology, but also embraces high credibility, strict quality monitoring and complete SMT automatic production line. All of these characteristics ensure high consistence of the quality products that the Company wins a good reputation in the automotive electronics market and wins most customers’ recognition and trust.

Under the efforts of combining self-innovation improvement with market direction, Tongyu Electronic has got brilliant achievements with 30 proprietary intellectual property rights in total, including 2 invention patents, 5 utility model patents and 23 software copyrights in recent years. Besides, the Company has revised the Q/TY01-2009 enterprise standard on Intelligent Centralized Control and Security Alarm of Auto Body. Since 2002, the Company has been certified as state-level high-tech enterprise and it has applied to the Ministry of Science and Technology for being technology-innovative enterprise. Now the Company has enjoyed high reputation in the industry of automotive electronics market.

Where there is a quality of excellence, there is need for a spirit of persistence. Tongyu Electronic will spare no efforts with joint hard work and enterprising spirit on the way toward the ideal!

All Tongyu staff’ dream: Our series of products are enjoyed by every running vehicle on the road nationwide.

Tongyu Electronic, since its foundation, has been transmitting to each employee its enterprise values and philosophy of sincere service for customers and has cultivated a team of high united and devoted staffs. The Company strives to create high-quality environment for its staff to work, study and live a happy life. Now, the Company has a large number of highly skilled technical personnel and experienced management personnel, which benefits to competing for the international market.

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